A Great Website Gets More Sales!


A Great Website Gets More Sales!

A Great Website Gets More Sales!

This message was added Friday 1st December 2023

Seven Seconds to Make A Sale!

Good websites get sales - but do you know if you are losing sales?  People are impatient when surfing the internet.  A new visitor gives a site a cursory few seconds, on average, to see if it loads quickly, is trustworthy and talking about their current obsession, before clicking on to the next. If your site isn’t clear, intuitive, responsive and quick to load - you lose them.  A couple of seconds is all it takes to lose a potential customer if you have a ’slow’ website, a boring website, or one that simply doesn’t get your message across quickly enough!  Are you wondering what a great website to get you more sales could look like?  Have a look around our Portfolio for inspiration, and see what we mean! 

Stand out - can you afford not to?

Fashions change, and your website needs to keep current - its like your shop window, don’t let it get dusty and tired!  Having a standout site is key to attracting customers! The right background, graphics (organic shapes are very popular this year) and well written content is of key importance, but it can become a chore for some, and who has time to do it, check it, optimise the text for keywords, write and monitor pages regularly to check on progress?

We increase your website’s potential...

Basic mistakes will lose your customers’ trust even before you have the chance to impress them with your services!  Getting visitors over the first hurdle is great, but when they get to you, badly chosen graphics, poor content, slow loading sequences and even the lack of obvious contact or payment options still put people off clicking further.  Keyword research is the first place to start with a new site but there’s a lot more to it.  Professional web designers assess your content against the best competitor sites, check for matching meta tags, improve content for consistent, high quality optimised pages, checking your links are good quality and placed intelligently.

Our Webdesign and SEO services don’t just make you look good.  

Good SEO helps pages load quickly and a combination of strategies such as the above will help your website and business work together, to make you more money, and in the website side of things, we are invested in your success as much as you are.  Our team monitor trends, so that our clients stay up to date alongside their competitors’ websites, to keep the visitors rolling in.  We can schedule consistent updates, to ensure you are at the top of searches.  All for a small monthly charge, that pays for itself in more business.

Our team has 20 years in the business of web design

We make sites that communicate and engage visitors, leading them further in, rather than distracting and putting them off.  We love the challenge, designing modern, exciting websites, with SEO contracts that boost your rankings for your selected keywords.  We create high quality content for busy people who like to get on with what they do best.  We check for errors, monitor Google Analytics, and assess your site periodically, page by page, to ensure that it is working efficiently to further your business objectives, sending you regular reports.  

Mobile friendly websites

Especially when many are searching on Smartphones, you cannot afford to have a site that does not resize to small screens efficiently, and react well to those scrolling quickly down the page with their thumb.  Excellent choice of images and high quality text and graphics at all times, plus top billing on the search engines, helped along by social media marketing, emails to your subscribers, engaging blogs and regular updates, will boost the site’s importance to the bots that troll the internet, ranking sites according to their particular criteria.

You might wish to upgrade your original website?

We can offer a ’refresh’ to make your site more effective.  You might want to start with a budget website, and upgrade it later.  You may need to add a booking system plugin, to increase your potential bookings, and an attached management system, so that you can run your business, your tasks and your team, almost totally online, saving money and time.  Our team of real people are here to help you every step of the way.  Get in touch here or pop in to visit, in our offices in Hyde Gardens, in Eastbourne.