Entertainers Booking System


Entertainers Booking System

Entertainers Booking System

This message was added Tuesday 1st November 2022

Not just a Funny Story!

When you have spent your whole weekend entertaining, feel a bit burnt out and wanting tentertainers booking systemo relax - but there is that darned paperwork waiting for you - would it not be great to snap your fingers and get rid?  With an entertainers booking system, you could manage all your entertainment paperwork online, automatically, and save literally hours every week. 

As webdesigners, on our books, we had entertainers.  These entertainers came to us asking if we could make their life easy with a booking system.  Well we love a challenge!  We created entertainers booking systems to save time, money and hassle.  So get yourself back that time, and take the first step.  If you are an entertainer wanting to lighten your load, come and talk to Worldwide Webdesign about our Entertainers Booking Systems!   Entertainers, solo performers and anyone running their own business are always on the move.  That is why we created a booking system especially for you, to help you get all the admin stuff done and spend more time on perfecting your next trick ... or having a day off!  Entertainers do not need more admin days ... its more important to relax, socialise practice new tricks, write new gags, prepare costumes and fixing props.  So having everything in one place, being able to check anything at the drop of a hat, knowing that your diary is up to date, and all your contacts and addresses are correct, getting to grips with your spreadsheets and accounts too, easily and without having to take a lot of files with you, when you`re away from your office space, we know would be a big help to any magician or entertainer.

Customisable, Bespoke Entertainers Booking Systems

We have been designing booking systems since they first appeared on the market, and we have developed a whole collection of them to go with our professional websites.  As well as populating your diary and ensuring that all details are logged wherever you need them, booking system can also set reminders, take payments, store documents, so especially if you are travelling, you can access all your paperwork in one easy place rather than carry round cases full of bumpf.  Your booking system can also feature management tools, to help you manage your whole entertainment business from even a Smartphone, or tablet, if you are on the go.  

A team that cares - not Autobots!

We offer all help and support you need right at the beginning from our friendly team (real people, not internet bots) to get set up and working happily with the booking system.  You can then start using it, saving time and money, right away.  So come and chat to us about our booking system for entertainers that is like a literal digital Swiss Army Knife - a tool that cuts paperwork and administration time in half!    We offer a Zoom or Skype chat or if you are local to Eastbourne, Sussex, pop in and have a word about how paperless systems will help to revolutionise your tedious working admin and give you more spare time back.

Our entertainers booking system is extremely versatile but it is also good value for money. When it comes to the real cost of your entertainers booking system, is £30 is a good enough price for you? Worldwide Webdesign create a booking system that is exactly matched to your needs, so you are not paying for features you will never use!  Our clients who are Entertainers find that without the need for storage for paperwork, postage, duplication and printing costs they are soon a lot better off and more organised to boot!  

With starting prices at £30 per month for a booking system attached to your website, our basic user friendly software starts you off and we set up your booking system fully populated.    You can view or change anything you like at any time, like your availability for instance, by logging in with your Smartphone, laptop or tablet.  Just a few clicks will give you all the information you need to know.

A basic booking system for Entertainers can be running within a week!

Entertainers Booking Systems feature:   

Handles the bookings while you are otherwise occupied
Calculates mileages to and from venues
Handles payments directly - if you want it to
Acknowledges all bookings by email
Confirms all clients details and history and logs them all securely
Reduces cancellations and mistakes

And also....

Easy accessibility from any device with Internet connection
A substitute for paper diaries, calendars, 
No more lost paperwork
Appointments and reminders scheduling
Contact details for all venues and contacts
Immediate acknowledgement of all enquiries to your website
One click feature for sending emails with accurate invoices
Prompts and reminders of outstanding paperwork
Ability to generate and send off PDF contracts and invoices
Tracking of deposits/payments
Ensures that all data is accurate and stores it securely for those end of year reports

So, if you are looking for entertainers booking systems why not take advantage of our free advice; call us today Our team are here to help you deal with all your paperwork in a more cost effective way.