Booking System for Motorhome Hire


Booking System for Motorhome Hire

Booking System for Motorhome Hire

This message was added Wednesday 14th February 2024

Boost Your Motorhome Bookings!

Control All Your Motorhome Hire Admin Easily!

Holidays in the UK are getting more popular and short trips away in a motorhome never more so.  People who are thinking of buying a motorhome often hedge their bets by trying out a hired motorhome and if you have a small (or large) collection of motorhomes and are looking to book them out, we have the booking system for motorhome hire already made for you.

Why do you need a booking system for motorhome hire?

Many people are running their motorhome hire business as a side hustle and find the paperwork quite a chore.  A booking system for motorhome hire takes all the paperwork away, handling everything online for you.  This includes customer data, documents, emails, cleaning and maintenance rotas, insurance reminders, keeping track of MOT times, inventories, repairs and cleaning requirements.  the booking system can be set up in multiple ways for motorhome hire, whether you have a lot of different motorhomes, or all the same, at different locations, whatever is required.  Your booking system for motorhome hire gives all the information as the customer clicks through the system, add-on queries for, such as pup tents, pop up toilets, extra bedding, whether or not they can bring their dog, or an extra barbecue, can all be handled as they book their motorhome.  So the repetitive and time consuming phone calls and taking bookings is not necessary.  The booking system will take care of most of the enquiries and routine booking, invoicing, emails, even taking payments for you, and linking to your accounting package like Xero or Quickbooks making life much easier at the end of the year when your accounts are due.

Our bespoke packages for motorhome hire companies will cover all the areas that you need; however, if you have any further requests, these can be factored in at the beginning, so help you get business done with the minimum of fuss and effort.


Click here to see the demonstration

If you want to go ahead, the basic version of your motorhome hire booking system can be up and running in a few days.

Feature list of our camper van rental booking systems:

  • All your data organised in one place
  • Saves £££s on paperwork and loads of time!
  • Stores customer information securely
  • Matches the available motor home to the right customer - automatically
  • Sends you (and customers) automatic notifications
  • Optimises bookings for motorhomes
  • Accessible via password access 24/7 via mobile or tablet
  • Booking system is exactly matched to your website
  • No archiving/storage costs, printing expenses and paper to buy and file
  • Can handle many other aspects of your business
  • Take payments online linking to financial packages like Xero
  • Keep great communication going with all your customers
  • Helps with emailing deals and offers
  • Matches your website, and be set up for your particular needs
  • Comes with a complete design and maintenance service
  • Supports your business effectively and securely
  • Has flexible payments if required
  • Is easily upgradeable at any point!


Get your new booking system within a few weeks with full customer support from our team at Worldwide Webdesign!  We help you set up, populate the site and show you how to use it, and tour team are available in our office to help with any issues 9-5 and sometimes after hours.

Come in for a chat now to hear about how a bespoke booking system designed for motorhome companies can help you do better business, and save time and money as well. Have a friendly chat about your motorhome hire business and how a booking system can change the way you work, saving you time and money.  AFter all, what have you got to lose?....Automating most of the paperwork and administration may be the most profitable business decision you have made for a long time.