Booking Systems for Holiday Cottages


Booking Systems for Holiday Cottages

Booking Systems for Holiday Cottages

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Taking The Strain of Holiday Cottage Rentals

Many people are making money from renting cute and desirable properties to holiday makers.  If you have a cottage in a popular holiday destination like a sea front, or deep in the country, or even a bijoux town centre flat in the centre of a major metropolis, or near a busy conference venue then you will get plenty of enquiries many of which will lead to bookings. The latest bespoke booking systems for holiday cottages help enormously in building that business, increasing guest satisfaction, providing valuable data and with time saving operations that help owners track trends, keep in excellent communication with guests, help owners make the right decisions regarding pricing strategies, and market their properties to the fullest.

Holiday cottages are a trending business venture

Holiday cottages are getting more and more popular as a `staycation` venue in these times and if you have a number of cottages, you can tap into this lucrative way of making a second income or even your first.  If you are making a success of your holiday cottage bookings you may even have to hire staff to clean and do the turnarounds for you, because all those cottage bookings create jobs that need doing - restocking, cleaning and welcoming guests, which creates the need for lots of phone calls, emails and record keeping.  Notifying the staff required when a cottage comes empty, handling all those details for each cottage, and keeping track of costs and admin adds up to a lot of work.  So... if managing holiday cottages means that all those enquiries and phone calls are interrupting your day, your dinner, or your sleep (people who want to book don’t always live in the UK!) and it is taking up a great deal more time than you first envisaged, or would like, then read on, because booking systems for holiday cottages from Worldwide Websdesign can be made, quickly, and easily, to share your load!

The advantages of bespoke booking systems for holiday cottages - for you!

When you have a number of holiday cottages running the administration is can easily get out of control but this problem is eased by the introduction of a booking system. Worldwide Webdesign were at the forefront of booking system design in the early days and as a result we have created booking systems, bespoke, for many different industries. One of the very first booking systems that we designed was for a family business which was finding that dealing with their holiday bookings paperwork was taking up far too much time. So we created bespoke booking systems for them at a very reasonable price to handle enquiries and bookings. If you would like the same - with a company making booking systems for holiday cottages specifically designed around your specific needs, please get in touch with our team for a no-obligation chat.

The problems of generic online booking systems

You might think you can create the booking system yourself for your holiday cottages using an online version you download yourself.  Some of these are free (at the beginning), so it might seem like a bargain.  But many booking systems are based on similar models that may not be right for you. The problems with generic booking systems are that they are designed for many different models, for downloading and customising to suit yourself.  It seems cheap enough at first.  They are not specifically made for holiday cottages, but that seems to be ok.  You do all the work at the beginning, but it is time consuming, can be annoying, and when you need to upgrade it is not always easy - or actually, that is the moment you are charged exorbitant rates for your booking system.  At that point, you have already put in a lot of work and you are kind of stuck with that system so you persevere, but really, it is not meeting all your needs. Not only that, if you have problems, you rarely get to speak to an actual person, but one of those annoying online chatbots.

We design individual booking systems for holiday cottages

We design all booking systems for our customers` particular needs. So why not come to Worldwide Webdesign to handle your personal booking systems for holiday cottages?  The booking systems also work for holiday apartments, holiday homes, etc, tailored for your specific needs.  We also make and upgrade websites, or we can design your booking system to match your existing website.  To save you hassle, we populate the whole thing for you, give you the tools and training you need for managing your holiday bookings and cottages, with planning of all the attached schedules, automatic email acknowledgements, payments you need, and much more.  We are a close knit team based in Eastbourne, you can call on us during business hours to ask any questions you like of a real person, or or receive support at any time for your booking system for your holiday cottages via email.  Real people, real booking systems, that make it easier to manage your holiday cottage rental business.