Booking Systems for Vehicle Hire


Booking Systems for Vehicle Hire

Booking Systems for Vehicle Hire

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Get Your Fleet Moving!

Want to expand your vehicle hire business?

When you are hiring vehicles, but only have a few, it is easy to handle the queries, the bookings, scheduling in the turnaround times for the cars, vans or other vehicles, and banking the money.  But as your vehicle hire fleet grows, so does the administration - and the costs and time of dealing with it all! A paperless, online vehicle hire booking system can handle all these details with ease!

Grow your business - without increasing admin costs!

If you want to grow but save on expenditure, getting rid of paper pushing admin and getting booking systems for vehicle hire is the modern and efficient way to handle your bookings, see your vehicle availability, maintenance schedules, diary, emails, and client details.  Customers can see what vehicles are available, select their options and price point and pay online for their hire car in a streamlined booking process.  Customers get a more personalised service too, with acknowledgement emails sent out in seconds, with all details correct and matching the booking, and there is no danger of slip ups, as there might be with a busy clerk handling all the duplication of data.

If you want to increase your bookings, then booking systems for vehicle hire facilitate just that.  Using booking systems for vehicle hire to smooth the customer experience looks more professional as well as reducing your operational costs.  The convenience for customers to book 24/7 means that bookings can be made at any time of day or night, and with digital online payments going straight into your bank, you can increase your revenue substantially. 

Dedicated booking systems from an experienced team

Worldwide Webdesign’s booking systems for vehicle hire are designed in-house and tailored to fit the exact needs of your company and your fleet.  We populate the whole booking system for you and present you with a complete, ready-to-roll platform for your car hire, van hire, or coach hire, or indeed any other type of vehicle or tool hire business.  You’ll also find that the booking systems for vehicle hire save a great deal of manual labour in terms of data entry and management of the reservations, meaning less time spent in administration, and better ways for your busy staff to keep those cars in tip top shape!  When you can see, at a glance, exactly where each vehicle is, and when they will be picked up and dropped off, on your online dashboard, it makes it very much easier to optimise your maintenance schedules and running order.  Plus, customers find the booking processes much more straightforward when it comes to picking-up and dropping-off, waiting times can be vastly reduced.  

Flexible, great value vehicle hire booking systems

Worldwide Webdesign make flexible vehicle hire booking systems, for any size business and any type of vehicle, and booking systems for many more service industries.  We have been in the booking system business for over 10 years and our friendly team are happy to answer your questions, and have a chat about your vehicle hire business with you either in person, at your place of work or at our offices in Hyde Gardens, Eastbourne.  We can also arrange a Zoom or Skype call, if this is more convenient for you.

Get in touch to talk about your fleet’s needs

So call us now if you would like to chat about your vehicle hire business, and enjoy a free online demonstration of how a booking system can help you develop your business very quickly without adding to your workload and administration.  As our customers find, the booking system will very soon pay for itself, in terms of boosted business, and less time spent in doing repetitive paperwork.