Boost Business with a Booking System


Boost Business with a Booking System

Boost Business with a Booking System

This message was added Saturday 6th April 2024

Is there an easier way to do business?

Ever wondered why people use booking systems?

If you have ever struggled to match up your diary with schedules, bookings data, payments, and keep all the relevant information together in one place, then a booking system is going to save your life many times over.  Do you spend too much time on emails, phone conversations and get constant interruptions to your day?  A booking system is designed to automate much of this. Paper led bookings admin can be left to a clerk.  But if you have got too many bookings, or too many tasks and a larger team to handle, that same job can be done quicker and easier online, with a booking system, worked from your phone or tablet.  Worldwide Webdesign specialise in very handy tailored booking systems, that do exactly what you need them to do, at a price you will find attractive!

Online Diary - to get you organised

You will get a fully automated online diary designed for YOUR business.  This is especially important to note, as every business is slightly different.  Guest houses and hotels have different needs, for example, from retreat centres and holiday camps and this has significant implications for the design of the booking system, so it is vital that your booking system fits your needs.  With a booking system you are in full control of your business bookings online, instantly updated from any device, such as your tablet, mobile phone and office PC. You can access your online diary immediately and see what is going on, check any details, change and edit, or contacts, whatever and whomever you want, on the go, with just one or two clicks.  Not only that, but since having all your bookings in one place is key to getting organised, we are integrating with other online booking channels, such as Save your time on accounting too - with automatic sharing of the figures to your bookkeeping packages like Xero and Quick Books Online.  You can give your own accountant access to the system, to check your figures and populate your tax return.

Use your Booking System to Speed Up Bookings!

Our booking systems are easy to use, intuitive and friendly for guest and your team alike. With integrated communication systems you can contact visitors and guests in a jiffy and people can easily check what they need to, add upscaling deals and pay in advance, which makes it an easy and convenient way to book your services.  You’re in control, of course, and anything that speeds up your clients making a commitment to you, will speed up that money into your bank.

You can also keep track of who has made payments, follow up late payments automatically with reminders to guests for payment prior to their stay. Your booking system also communicates to bookkeeping packages like Xero and Quick Books Online, meaning your own accountant can even tap into this system also, to check your figures and get your books done conveniently, if you like!

Result:  More Bookings!

As well as the bookings boosted by your booking system, we have even more tricks up our sleeve.  With a Google friendly site, and a search engine optimisation package (SEO), we can get you more clicks and interest, boosting your social media marketing. Good content and a regular approach to this that keeps your audience ticking along, will lead to more bookings too.

But finally...Less Admin Time!

By automating booking and administration, you’ll reduce telephone conversations, and having to duplicate and transfer data from one platform to another; so less time spent doing repetitive tasks, means more free time for you!