Camp Site Booking System


Camp Site Booking System

Camp Site Booking System

This message was added Sunday 15th October 2023

Want to Expand Your Campsite Business in 2024?

How do you get your camp site bookings? 

If you outsource bookings to an external pitch booking platform, do you pay them commission per booking? How much is that costing you?  And not only that, are you losing guests to other sites in the area when they get to the pitch booking system?  There is another way!  We can help you get more visitors booking direct with you, straight from your website.  We can also help you get a fantastic new camp site website to attract more visitors in 2024! Have a look at this camp site booking system, to see what we mean!

Get your own camp site booking system!  

Having your own camp site booking system makes it very easy to start getting more visitors to your campsite and be in charge of your own bookings - paying no more commission to those pitch booking sites than you have to.  It works straight from your web page, so you never have to pay for repeat bookings.  Your own campsite booking system will run alongside other booking systems too, so you don’t lose business.  Your regular guests will be able to go straight to your website and book from there, and won’t be tempted away to other sites on the external pitch booking site.

A camp site booking system keeps you totally in charge of your own bookings.  Its accessed straight from your website, via a plugin we put on there for you. As well as having a flat fee and being cheaper than paying commissions, it also helps you handle everything online, paperlessly, and keeps all visitor details, and your paperwork, in great order for you.  A camp site booking system is specifically designed to make life easier, by saving you hassle and valuable time. You handle all details online, even from your phone or tablet, spending less time entering details, totting up invoices, copying and pasting from spreadsheets, storing data, taking payments.  You can stimulate more bookings by sending out messages to all your contacts at any time with offers and pitch deals, to fill up those camping spots during lower months.  All your guests and their details are saved in one handy place, securely, with our safe server guarantee.  Rather than commissions per booking, we charge a small annual fee in July.

Get prepared for next year and more pitch bookings!

So ... if you are a small camp site looking to increase bookings and grow your business, an SEO campaign can also help help your campsite business expand - investing now in some timely SEO will get your campsite web page up the rankings, revved and up and running full tilt for 2024.  

To save you even more time...:)

Worldwide Webdesign are here for you with a range of website services that will wake up your website and boost your business.   A professional SEO campaign will help to drive visitors to your site.  To save time, we can deal with professional web design for your camp site, SEO and social media updates regularly each month, where we analyse the site and provide updates for you, so that you actually see how your camp site is becoming more important in Google searches, and gradually getting to Page One ranking without having to pay for those highly expensive Google ads.

Wake up your campsite business, with a booking system plugin!

So if your paperwork takes up your Friday Nights, keeping you tied to spreadsheets, calculators and calendars, lets look together at a camp site booking system that could change your life.  We can demonstrate how it will work!  Contact us, here at Worldwide Webdesign, and we can have a look at what you want to achieve and show you how your website can become one of the most active members of your campsite team, working 24/7 to bring you in new visitors and attract the previous campers back for the coming year’s bookings!