Course Bookings Management


Course Bookings Management

Course Bookings Management

This message was added Friday 21st July 2023

Tutors CAN Have More Fun!

Course bookings management used to be an endless round of paperwork before you could get to the fun bit - interacting with your classes!  Setting up your course, printing the materials.  Finding students, enrolling them, typing, printing and saving all that data, printing and posting course materials - some very heavy and costly - receiving work back, marking it and writing up reports, logging feedback forms, printing certificates to send off - and of course - keeping personal details secure!  Administration assistants time is also expensive!  But now - especially when you are offering online courses too - there is a cheaper option!

Save Your Valuable Time (and Money) Managing All Bookings Online!

All that administrator time adds up.  One, to five days a week, or more.  Overall, online course bookings management will literally take much of this load from you!  So, if you have never thought about going online with your course management, how about contacting Worldwide Webdesign for a demonstration?  Worldwide Webdesign are happy to show you the intricacies of our online course bookings software via a Zoom or a Skype demonstration, to show you how easy they are to manage, store all the information at your fingertips, and aid regular communication with your students, and tutors if you are running multiple courses, and more.

Online Course Bookings are Great for Single, or Multiple Tutors

Helping you organise the data is just one of the advantages of online course bookings management.  You can take control and run your business, all courses, venues, students and tutors, plus learning materials, certification, invoicing, and more with one powerful management system that is designed to be used via Smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.  So if you are out and about, need to check details for classes, for instance, just log in to your course bookings management and do the necessary without having to go and find physical files.  These booking systems are convenient, easy to use and don’t cost that much to start, if you are a single tutor offering courses, give us a call, for a demonstration and a quote.   Larger, more complex booking systems will cost more, of course if you are running multiple courses in many venues.  But in terms of administration time saved - we can prove that an online course bookings management system will pay for itself in a short time!  Our team - of real people - based in Eastbourne, East Sussex, are here to design exactly what you need and offer our help and advice, at the end of the phone or via email, whenever you need it, within working hours, but often out of hours too.

Saving Time - And Effort with your Bookings Platform

One of the best features of an online course bookings system is that it can hold a great deal of information on courses, attached to the course titles, which reduces the amount of phone calls you would receive from people who don’t know what to expect.  You can list course schedules, payment options, upsell other courses or add-ons, all at the point of sale if you like.  Or students can start their learning experience straightaway if you add links to, say, online study aids and certificates when the students have answered enough questions correctly.  You can link directly to the tests once the student has read and digested the course matter - and tests can be in multiple choice format, or any other format.  It just depends what you are offering, as to which is most appropriate.

More Bookings, More Students, with Online Course Bookings!

Just as easy for students, the course bookings management system stimulates more bookings.  When searching online for a course that would suit, a good course booking system will also promote your courses.  We can also help with SEO contracts to boost interest in your course, but if repeat business being a good thing, all your previous students on your contact lists will be easily and automatically notified too when new courses are set up, and bookings can be prompted for people who are simply looking with automatic offers, deals to their inbox for the hesitant.  Contact us also, if you would like to upgrade your website for your courses.  We do great deals on websites, and course booking management systems combined!