Digital Banking Friendly Websites


Digital Banking Friendly Websites

Digital Banking Friendly Websites

This message was added Wednesday 20th December 2023

Boost Your Business with Webdesign to Encourage Digital Payments

Are You Set Up for Digital Banking and Payments? 

Why not get paid quickly and easily?  Saving money and time for our clients are our watchwords here at Worldwide Webdesign, which is why our websites are designed to take more digital banking payments and direct them, automatically, straight to your bank account.  Assured and secure digital banking payments make it easier to do business and get paid quickly by your clients using Smartphones, saves time for you, and makes finances super easy to track and manage.  Digital business friendly websites save money on transaction fees and any other charges, plus saving the time otherwise spent on administration, counting cash, totalling cheques and adding details to spreadsheets. 

It is a more cost-effective practice, as an individual, or an organisation, to move to more digital based banking business, and doing most of your business on your online platform.  Most businesses are catching on to this now that buying online is so popular, and its easier than ever to help your customers or service users to commit to a purchase and pay their bills on time using automatic digital payment systems - they assist everyone to get the services they need, whilst keeping overall costs down, and certainly help with quick and accurate record keeping!

Attract More Digital Customers - with a Website SEO Campaign

When people want to use services that are digital banking friendly, they often type in the same keywords and phrases.  So fine tuning your SEO (search engine optimisation) will increase the visitor traffic that you want to your website.  If you need help with SEO, we can organise a SEO campaign for you that will boost ratings and bring in the customers that want to pay direct - the ones that you want to deal with. 

A more digital banking friendly website demonstrates you are an environmentally aware business, always looking to conserve natural resources, save paper, and reduce costs.  Let customers know and they may choose you over another competitor, particularly if they are themselves trying to reduce their own carbon footprint.

Make Your Payment System Clear and Accessible

Making it a user-friendly experience on your website is the way to encourage prompt payments.  An easily navigable website payment system will boost digital banking payments and you’ll get fewer phone calls with queries taking up your time.  There are some good practices that can help you achieve this and they are:

Have Obvious Links to Payment Options

Give visitors swift answers, and ensure that any links for them to follow are obvious, and efficient.  Give them clear directions to the online banking login section, who to contact, the location of the branch, etc.  Have a FAQ section where the most frequent questions are answered, too.

Guarantee Security of Digital Payments

A large part of consumer confidence depends on their perception of personal financial safety.  Digital payments are just as secure as any other method, with encryption, passwords and other security measures.  But a simple website can seem a little anonymous to a new visitor - you can build more trust in your website by regular posts and updates on social media too.  Avoid using jargon or technical terms - simple messages are best, coupled with high quality photos, and friendly, well written content with a clear message will build familiarity, winning hearts and minds.

State your Rates Clearly and Don’t Use Jargon

People need to know exactly what they are signing up for if you are offering a service.  So pitch clear pricing with transparency about your rates and simple easy to follow instructions.  This will boost takeup of direct digital payments without the hassle of phone calls and more explanations.  

If you need advice on improving your website to boost business, take digital payments, or other website improvements, call Worldwide Webdesign or email us here.