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We can help you connect with Eastbourne customers.

SEO for Eastbourne

If you are looking for more customers in Eastbourne, come and have a chat with us about using the potential of your website with SEO directed right at the heart of your customer base.  Like a rolling stone gathering moss, starting SEO sooner rather than later means that clicks and interest will start to gather speed and you will start to see results.

A consultation for an hour or so in our Eastbourne offices will enable us to demonstrate, and show you examples of our SEO strategies, and what we have achieved with Eastbourne clients.  True SEO isn’t an instant fix, unlike paying for monthly ads on search engines, which is hit and miss, is very expensive and doesn’t last.  Properly done, SEO on your site - for much less cost - gradually builds a web presence that keeps you moving up the rankings so does work out more effective in the long run. We can demonstrate to you the increase in visitor numbers over a period of time, why this happens and how we manage effective SEO campaigns for our clients.

Costs for SEO Campaigns

When it comes to costs for SEO we are up front about our charges.  The prices for SEO will vary due to a number of factors.  There are also various payment schemes on offer - for example our fast start scheme to raise your Eastbourne profile at all possible speed where you pay a lower figure which is more realistic in the early days.  The ongoing work at a later stage pays for itself out of the work that comes in. Budgets for SEO can start as low as from £30 per month,for an effective campaign that is also affordable.

What’s involved with SEO?


This is very important to do right at the start of a new SEO campaign. The starter list and then additional key words are incorporated into a structured format of SEO pages, released at the right times, to give you a smooth rise up the rankings.  Once the groundwork is done, the SEO campaign can start in earnest.


Site analysis means we check and scores your site for various points such code quality, speed of the site, links to the site, as Goggle does and rank it accordingly.  A new SEO campaign means checking a long list, by hand, then after analysis of your current website, we make a list of changes with you that we would like to see implemented to improve your SEO.

We are happy to send the list to your current web designer, and re-check the items after they have dealt with the list, to ensure that all bases are covered.  The lists can be lengthy but this means that your website will get a higher rank, earlier on.


Some websites are not conducive to quick and active SEO development, in which case we can build you a more modern website, since with with clean and well written code, a jump in ratings will happen even if the website looks the same; so it is not something to be afraid of.   The reason for this is, that if you have a good looking site, built on a poorly coded platform, its like putting silk dress over badly fitted underwear; it’ll never or ’hang’ comfortably, and make it harder to get the results you want.  You cannot effectively optimise a badly written site. 


Its important for the original content to be reviewed.  Quality, currency, and correction of errors first, then writing a separate page for each key word and adding in a carefully planned manner will help the optimisation.  Note that these SEO pages are hidden within the site, but are still picked up by Google which directs the visitor to your relevant page.  We will check that Google indexes each page as we release them in a timely campaign. It is time consuming, to cover all the key words in pages of their own, for each area you are targeting - but it is worth it!


We then send you monthly reports of how the SEO is going - 10 in all, not 12, because at holiday times in August and December, figures would be distorted.

Call us to discuss a arofessional SEO strategy for Eastbourne area or beyond!