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Entertainers Booking Systems

Entertainers Booking Systems

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Entertainers booking systems from Worldwide Webdesign are specially designed around your exact needs. Entertainers are not all

Entertainers Come In Many Shapes and Sizes!

Entertainers booking systems from Worldwide Webdesign are specially designed around your exact needs.  Entertainers are not all the same - there’s a world of difference between one entertainer’s needs and anothers.  But all entertainers need to manage and organise their schedules and appointments, handle their client details, their income, banking, accommodation and travel.  As your personal team of web page and booking designers, we design your booking system specifically around your needs as an entertainer, populate the whole thing, and train you to use it, once it is ready.  

Your Booking System Comes Completely Finished and Populated

You’re busy and we know that! You certainly don’t need to spend your spare time mulling over how to get your entertainers booking system off the ground. So you won’t have to spend more than the time it takes to discuss your needs for your booking system with us, furnish us with any specific details, and we will get on with building and populating your booking system.  If you need a new website, or a makeover, we can also deal with this for you.  

Why Do Entertainers Need a Booking System?

We are very glad you asked that question!  Many entertainers have spent years taking ’admin days’ from their work in their downtime, to handle their bookings, receipts and payments, send emails reminding their venues to pay them, and add all this information to their accounting systems for the HMRC.  With a booking system, you won’t need to spend much time, if any, dealing with this, because it is all done for you automatically.

A Booking System Handles Your Schedules

Obviously, entertainers need to be on top of their diaries, avoid double bookings and ensure they have enough time in between for resting, recuperating and writing more material, not to mention practice times!  You will spend less time on administration, that’s for sure.  So you can focus more keenly on your performances, rather than that annoying paperwork.

Accessibility for Clients and Yourself

An entertainers booking system makes it easy for your clients to see your availability, and reserve your services at any time.  So this will save you time - obviously you won’t miss any important phone calls - but don’t worry as you are totally in control of bookings.  If the requested booking is okay with you, an email confirmation can be sent as soon as you see the booking pop up on your screen.  So you are not a slave to the phone; if someone calls you in the middle of a performance, or a meeting, or even your holiday, your booking system will notify them the spot is reserved for them, subject to confirmation.  It stops them going elsewhere, and you losing a booking.  Clients can also pay online securely, so that’s money going straight to your bank account, and acknowledged.

Professional Entertainers Booking Systems Help You Look The Part

Image is everything in the entertainment world and if you have your own booking system attached to your website, or your Facebook account etc, it not only makes you look professional, but gives clients the impression that you value their time as well as your own.  Not only that, the automatic reminders that you can send or receive, helps you manage your time efficiently, and improves the relationships with your clients/venues.  So stress is reduced, and you get a reputation for being consistent, and reliable.

Entertainers Booking Systems are Valuable Online Tools

Your booking system will be like the office in your pocket, accessible from mobile phone, tablet or home computer.  Who doesn’t want a system that keeps you organised, in great contact with your clients, thus ensuring stress-free performances, and more success, in the entertainment world.

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