Five Questions Answered about Booking Systems


Five Questions Answered about Booking Systems

Five Questions Answered about Booking Systems

This message was added Friday 26th April 2024

Got questions about booking systems?

Booking systems are fast becoming essential for business websites!

They enhance the efficiency of your working day and increase customer satisfaction.  But how do they do this?  Clients ask five major questions when we talk about booking systems.  In this blog, I’m going to take you through the five major ways that booking systems save you time and boost your business success.

How does the booking system help me reach more customers?

As they say, knowledge is power.  Its very important to know your customers well. Small companies probably know their customers intimately, but if you want to grow, holding all those customer records in your head gets very difficult.  But not only that, you may ’think’ you know your customers - but its still a bit of guess work.  When your company grows, the reports generated by your booking system will show you in great detail where your customers are coming from, and what they are looking for, how much they are spending, and where.  You can then fine tune your services to better meet their needs and reach out to those who are ’just looking’.  If you got another 10 per cent of customers through your booking system, just using this method, this will make a great difference to your sales.

Does the booking system help me analyse my business performance? 

A thorough knowledge about your own business details at a glance is equally powerful!  The dashboard will help you monitor the performance of your products, properties, services etc.  For example if it is a hotel booking system, you can see at a glance, the number of room nights sold and the revenue achieved, plus the pace of bookings.  So this helps you make informed decisions about any aspect of your business, without enquiring of your accountant or waiting until the monthly figures have been done. 

How does automation make my life easier?

An efficient automation strategy makes day to day operations vastly easier.  You don’t have to copy and duplicate across platforms.  So a simple diary entry will link to all the other details about your clients. 

How does a booking system influence my customer’s decisions?

Many booking systems show the number of available slots, which can influence customer decision-making.  If they think that time is running out, they may well order or book faster than they might otherwise have done.  i.e. if your holiday bookings are nearly at capacity, people will tend to think quicker on their feet.  You can check at a glance which slots are less popular, and offer deals and cheaper prices, to attract more interest.

How do I know that the booking system data is secure?

A lot of people think that leaving important customer data - and their own - in the Cloud, is a risk.  However we’d say that it is a lot safer than simply keeping it on your computer.  If your computer fails, you’ve lost data forever.  Leaving it in the Cloud, password protected, is secure, but also convenient and instantly accessible - you can authorise those you trust to access it, from anywhere.  Our booking systems, like our websites, are locked down on our own secure servers, so there is no danger of the data falling into the wrong hands - and if you think you have inadvertently given out your password, you can change it, with a few clicks.

Have you got questions about booking systems? 

We hope that this helps you to understand why adding a booking system to your website is an essential part of doing business online.  Call us for a chat, to see what a booking system can do for your sales.