Growing your Small Business


Growing your Small Business

Growing your Small Business

This message was added Monday 1st January 2024

The Low-Effort Way to Finding More Work!

If you want to expand your small business easily, call us here at Worldwide Webdesign

When you see the words ’any job considered, small or large’ what does that suggest to you?  Small businesses may start with one or two partners, perhaps sub contractors, eventually an office, a receptionist, an book keeper etc.  But making money and growing is often their real aim so looking to find ways to take on more people but without the paperwork is always attractive. Small business owners, particularly if they want to grow above around 10 employees, or subcontractors, find the paperwork and administration around handling your team, tasks and keeping all details together can become burdensome, involving a complicated system of database, spreadsheets and invariably, duplication, leading to costly mistakes easily creeping in.  But there is an easy way to handle large amounts of data and keep everything related to your small business organised, using software to automate all those repetitive tasks that take up so much time.

Grow your small business with ease!

Keeping in good communication with customers is key to boosting small business profits and managing this via a booking system can help you grow your small business without adding significantly to your costs.  Software that takes bookings for you saves time on the phone, populates your diary and keeps in touch with all your customers in an amazing way.  With everyone on their Smartphones, a good website that resizes efficiently for small screens is essential.  This will attract visitors, keep them online and explain what you do with ease. The second string to your bow (and this is where things really start moving to save you TIME) is having a booking system attached, which, compared to the high costs of other kinds of advertising, can work out extremely cost-effective in bringing in new business, and handle most of your business tasks too!  A booking system frees up your receptionist to do other tasks around the business too.

How can a booking system help me?

A booking system saves you time, and reduces unwanted distractions so you can get on with your work.  Like having a receptionist in your pocket, your mobile phone can handle many of the small business tasks an office clerk might have to do.   For taking calls when you are busy or to reduce paperwork in your office, try an online booking system, which fields calls and enquiries, populates your diary, reduces mistakes and lost bookings, and shrinks the need to remember about sending reminders, populating invoices, and even keeping accounts.  You don’t have to worry about missed opportunities if you can’t get to the phone either - the booking system will intercept initial calls, can take bookings if required and is even capable of upselling more extras to the customer as they make their booking - with no extra effort involved. 

Never Miss an Enquiry!

A booking system works at any hour of the day, unlike a human!  It automates all those repetitive tasks that take up so much time.  When people call you, you can safely leave the booking system’s online reservation system to do its work.  It kicks in to automatically check your capacity, books slots in your diary, responds via email and saves your visitors’ information, via the software.  All acknowledgements are promptly made and recorded via prompt emails which gives your small business an aura of efficiency. Once you get a notification, you can respond in your own time to deal with any queries. If things change, your clients’ contact details are instantly there for you to ping a quick email or message.  

We can help you automate your business appointments systems, get the accounting done faster and free up your staff working hard in your small business to do more creative, or more focussed work.  If you have been struggling to keep on top of your paperwork, and thinking of hiring more staff, have a chat with us about getting tasks done more efficiently. So, if you want a system that makes small businesses more productive for less outlay, come and have a chat with us! 

Mobile Phone or Tablet Friendly Booking Systems

Once attached to your website, your booking system will work in conjunction with

  • payment processes
  • appointments
  • rotas
  • calendars
  • accounting software
  • social media
  • mailing software
  • and many more applications 

So contact our team for advice on how to move your website into the world of the automated booking system for small businesses - and see your profits rise as customers find and book your goods or services from their mobiles wherever they happen to be!

A quick look at your tablet or phone will give you a snapshot of your business activities, and if you have employees, they can have their own log-in details which give them access to the parts they need to see. Call us to find out more about bespoke booking systems for your small business and our other online small to medium business solutions.