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Marketing Tips

Marketing Tips

This message was added Sunday 21st August 2022

It might be HOT! But there`s no need to sweat about your website!

If new work coming in is important to your business, then there`s nothing easier and more effective than getting your marketing done via your website, and our best marketing tip is:

  1. get a well made site!
  2. get an expert to do it for you!

A successful business will spend, generally, between 10-15% of their budget on marketing, as anyone going through business school will know.  But marketing comes in many forms.  Clients often come to us having spent a lot of their working hours and marketing budget (and shoe leather) hoofing it around town with leaflets, radio ads, giving away free offers, etc without getting good results, and without taking even an hour to find out what a good website can do for them!

Good Websites lead to more work!

If new work coming in is important to your business, then getting a good website and getting it to the top of rankings will ensure that there will always be more work filtering in.  And generating more business is a lot easier with a website than other methods. But to be professional, a good website it has to be, or it could work against you.

Its amazing how many entrepreneurs will try to do the website for free, using free platforms, or as cheaply as possible using students taking time out from college, friends, or doing it themselves, in order to save money. But making professional websites is one of the areas where saving money can be extremely costly because all you will do is create a website which is at best, mediocre and at its worst, pretty bad. A bad website will actually cost you business, waste your time and your money too, even if it is between 12 and 3am when you should be in bed!  Marketing from the bedroom when you`re supposed to be relaxing is not ideal either.

How about an easier route, that doesn`t have to cost too much?

In most cases, a free consultation will give you an idea of what a website might cost you, and what it will generate. You WILL be surprised how cheaply you can actually get a really nice looking website for under £300, that develop along with your business and bring in a lot more than your initial investment whilst saving time, and money, and midnight hours!

So if you would like more businesss, spend less time marketing and make an investment in your future then it will pay you well to come and have a chat with us. Because the possibilities of getting more work through your website, when you have done it professionally, are much greater than if you try to do it yourself. Our staff have been studying the market and making websites for 20 years and during this time we have gained an incredible wealth of knowledge, with a skillset including programmers, stylists, SEO experts who know how to really make a difference to your social media profile and get your rankings higher up the search engines.

Our team are happy to chat with you, to find out about your business, your needs and who you want to reach, using a powerful website with tools to make your working life easier and doing routine tasks online, and quicker.

Websites come in many forms, from simple, 10 page sites with home, about us, services, gallery and contact us pages, to advanced sites with boutique styling, online ordering and booking systems, and many pages selling thousands of products.  Let your website do the work, and give yourself more time.  Get a professional website from our expert team in Eastbourne.