Procrastinating pro


Procrastinating pro

Procrastinating pro

This message was added Friday 22nd February 2019

Do not wait and procrastinate

There once was a man who spread the news to his friends that he would soon be celebrating his 30th birthday party. Sceptical looks were secretly exchanged as their dear friend who had a dusting of grey hairs and fine lines and although young in spirit, actually looked more around the 50 mark. When approached and questioned by his peers of his actual age, he admitted openly that he was indeed turning 50 but celebrating his 30th instead.  Was he in denial? Was this a mid-life crisis? Or, could this simply be one of those slightly awkward ‘senior moments’?

“I had to postpone my 30th a few times and never quite got round to celebrating it.”  Friends laughed and rolled their eyes and when asked by his wife if he’d ever gotten round to reading the book she’d bought him – ‘How to Overcome Procrastination’, he said that he was yet to start reading it.

Sometimes we do not feel as bad about it if we busy ourselves with other jobs but nevertheless, if you are still yet to do something and have not taken the opportunity(ies!) to, then you my friend, are indeed a procrastinating pro.

If you are a bit like our friend and you never have the time to do anything or even buy and read a new book, then you may like to know that we have new software which saves you time so that you can spend your time more effectively.

Don’t wait and procrastinate!