Simple Booking Systems for Appointments


Simple Booking Systems for Appointments

Simple Booking Systems for Appointments

This message was added Wednesday 20th March 2024

Reduce Stress when Recording and Controlling your Appointments

Need a quick way to keep control of your appointments, diary and link information automatically from and to your client data?

Obviously you never want to miss an appointment, but being busy and running about can lead to mistakes.  Online appointment booking systems help you manage appointments in seconds, and you can do it all from a Smartphone too. 

Manage Your Time Better

Small businesses can manage their schedules more effectively and make and change appointments in a few clicks with a simple booking systems for appointments, accessible on your website with a simple plug-in.

If you have multiple booked appointments, it can be easy to make mistakes when copying one set of data to another platform.  Keep control and make it easy on yourself with automatic updating - which saves a lot of copy/paste errors creeping in.

Get started with a simple booking system:  The cost for a Budget system is:


  • Basic set-up with stand-alone booking system
  • £200 Deposit
  • £30/month or £300/year
    • Good value for money
    • Stand-alone online booking system
    • Less enquiries, save time
    • User-friendly CRM & Booking diary

Easy Organising of Appointments, Schedules, and More

Booking systems for appointments make it easy to organise events, book training and keep track of anything you like.  Just set up reminders, to pop up in your system, and you can tick things off when done. 

Very, very easy to use, our booking systems for appointments are used in many different industries, such as Employment, Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, Events, Tradespeople, Hairdressers, Barbers, anywhere you need to record large numbers of appointments, payments, details, personal files, invoices, jobsheets, events, and want to save your current expenditure on paper and printing costs.

Booking systems for appointments are completely operated online and automate many of the things your receptionist used to do, giving them more time to get other vital tasks done - or treat guests to more of their time and attention!  Ever found you’re standing at a reception desk where the one receptionist is busy dealing with routine enquiries over the phone and can’t deal with you for several minutes?  How frustrating that can - become - but with booking systems for appointments, tailored specifically for your needs - a receptionist can quickly check your booking, online, see that its paid for or take payment then and there online also and show you to your hotel room, or table, in a restaurant suite. 

Worldwide Webdesign specialise in simple to master and use booking systems that are applicable in any industry with a few tweaks and adjustments, our flexible booking system modules can be switched on and off and the beauty of this is that customers only pay for what they need and actually will be useful to them.

Like all our Web applications, as a result, we have created flexible, modular systems which work well for any client at very attractive prices and these can be designed specifically to match your existing website. 

If you would like a simple booking system designed for your business, for any purpose, come and chat to us in Hyde Gardens, Eastbourne.  Or make an appointment via Zoom or Skype, and we can chat face to face online, demonstrate the ease of using these very simple but effective booking systems, that are designed to save you money and time, and the pain of making mistakes in bookings that can cost you many minutes/hours and resulting rises in blood pressure!

Contact us now to book a free discussion and quote for your appointments booking system!