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This message was added Saturday 3rd February 2024

Marketing ... Are You The Best Person For The Job?

Do They Know Your Name?

Do you want more customers in 2024?  This might be a surprise but its not always those who are working hardest who make the most money out of it.  When it comes to marketing on Social Media, you can do it all alone, make costly mistakes that hold you up, or pay for a quicker and ultimately cheaper route to the top, or you can free yourself up to do your own job better, by leaving the Social Media to us. A good website and good marketing with regular updates using social media platforms is vital such as Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly known as Twitter), Telegram etc, effectively is how we promote your name in the public arena.  But poor or bad content will definitely work against you; you can spend hours, days and weeks - even years, making mistakes that only waste your time - and your time IS money. 

Social Media Will Grab Attention When People Are Relaxed!

Everyone’s got a phone, and Social Media reaches thousands of people, so is a powerful tool these days to obtain more clients.  If you are serious about growing your business, and prepared to work with us, to grow your customer base using Social Media, we can help by jump-starting your marketing power, to get that phone ringing and an inbox gradually filling with potential clients.  

Good marketing and effective use of social media will create a platform to attract more clients in the field and it is here that a clear, effective strategy without mistakes and hiccups right from the start will work to build local awareness, help you connect with your customers, generate new leads and very much more.  The first thing to do is to identify your goals, and your expected audience.

Profiling Your Clients on Social Media
  • Where do clients come from (age, income, demographic, etc)
  • What type of Social Media they are into
  • how to convert potential clients to signed-up clients
  • how to deliver the ultimate value to your clients, once you have them. 

Optimising Your Web Page

Once you have pinpointed or profiled your ideal client you also need to look at this in conjunction with this with what Google thinks you are looking for based on your web design and it is here that mistakes can easily occur - but we can help you. After identifying the typical client profile we will set up your website with clear and targeted information that matches what Google is also expecting.  We will pay close attention to designing the website giving it a fresh approach to reach your particular target clients. 

When it comes to cost, we find that for our clients, the initial investment will bring faster rewards and help you grow your business quicker.  So aim high, and ask us about our fast start payment plans that grow with your business.  We don’t want you to fail!  We will do everything we can to see if we can provide you with an action plan.  JUST ONE HOUR’s conversation will enable both of us to see whether we can achieve a win-win situation - for everyone.  Can you afford not to find out more?  Contact us, today, and let’s make 2024 a winning year.