Taking Bookings for Retreat Centres


Taking Bookings for Retreat Centres

Taking Bookings for Retreat Centres

This message was added Tuesday 9th January 2024

Frustrated with Your Booking System for your Retreat Centre?


THE PROBLEM:  You may in fact be simply trying to adapt a booking system that was not actually designed for a retreat centre.  But we have the answer for you!  The problem with retreat centre booking systems is that most have been based on a hotel industry model which needs to juggle a variety of options. Some of the services may be a good fit, and others will not be. A good booking system will be flexible and adaptable, streamline your bookings management, reduce human error and save many hours of staff time.

THE SOLUTION:  Worldwide Webdesign have designed ready-made booking systems for retreat centres that will REALLY help you run your retreat centre with ease and handle every task without resorting to pen, paper and diary entries. Our flexible booking systems for retreat centres, which have been created bespoke, both with and for our clients who run retreat centres, will handle all your various categories of guests, events and activities, linking all the data together, even to your catering needs, including special diets, gardening schedules and outdoor pursuits, etc.


And again, few booking systems for retreat centres also offer the kind of support and help that you will find from our South East based team, at Worldwide Webdesign. So, any problems can be resolved quickly and easily.  We offer training and telephone support during office hours and you will speak to REAL people working from our offices here in Eastbourne, all the while your booking system is in use.


The main differences between retreat centres and hotels are that hotels tend to focus mainly on rooms being booked out by different groups of people and are less focussed on events - although some hotels do offer events, these are usually in conjunction with a local venue which handles its own bookings separately.

Retreat centres are much more focussed on running their own events, with multiple people attending, all requiring catering and housekeeping and they may indeed charge by the event rather than by the room occupancy. Other retreat centres may be specifically looking more towards venue hire, with a single company or individual or organisation that books the event, and a single invoice will manage the hire of all the rooms and which is managed externally.

Our retreat centre booking system is both flexible and adaptable, so is able to handle both types and link the two.  We have coded this from scratch, specifically for retreat centres,

View our comprehensive demo, at your convenience, online. If you are interested in viewing our retreat centre booking system software, please get in touch with us to book an appointment for a Zoom or Skype meeting where we are happy to demonstrate it personally.  We do not charge for either demonstration and our team will be glad to help you get a good feel for the service.


These vary according to the size of the retreat centre, and the prices for packages are as follows:

  • Basic Retreat Centre limited bedrooms ( up to 10) events, catering and hospitality....
  • Intermediate Retreat Centre Package with events management, catering and hospitality....
  • Full Retreat Centre, unlimited events, venues, and bedroom options....

Our booking systems are designed to upgrade easily - so you can move from a budget to an intermediate or full bells-and-whistles booking system package as your retreat centre business grows.  The software is attached  to your usual website, in the form of a plugin, or if you would like a website makeover we can link the two together - this can work out extremely good value for money.

So if you run an retreat centre, want a booking system that matches your needs - exactly - and feel this could be the answer to the ever growing burden of administration for you, or would simply like to have a quick chat to find out more, let us offer you a demonstration to discuss any aspect of our booking systems for retreat centres - call us now, on 01323 769376.