Think You`re Getting a Free Website?


Think You`re Getting a Free Website?

Think You`re Getting a Free Website?

This message was added Tuesday 30th August 2022

If it`s `free`... then YOU`RE the Product!

free websiteThere are lots of reasons for getting a `free` website. You might think editing it yourself will be nice and cheap.� But for many of our clients, that free website ended up costing them a lot more than their good reputation.� For those in the know, a free website is a very bad idea if you want to do business.� �Think about it - do you want a rubbish website when for a very small price a professional website will open up very many more possibilities; even a simple paid website from �30 a month means your own time will be better spent.

Hidden Costs of a `Free now - pay later` Website

So many `free` websites are actually time limited at that `free` entry price.� You`ll soon get pressured into paying for services or storage for the data as you build your site that you need after the trial period.� It can mean you`re paying way over the usual prices too.� Be very wary of signing up with a credit card - they might not take anything right away, but when they do, they may not notify you first.

The Web Address that Gives You Away

Home made websites have home made addresses, so right away, everyone knows you`re a cheapskate!� That domain name will give you away as being unprofessional right from the start!� You may even be thought of as a scammer.� Do you want your hard work to be taken seriously, or not?

Websites that Simply - Do NOT Work!

To make their moneym free websites are hosted on servers that share their time with many, many others.� �As you probably realise, clicking through pages that are slow to load is a painful experience that will put customers off bothering to look, and even more, bothering to pay if you`re selling anything.� Websites that draw a customer in, take them quickly to what they want, and make it easy and pleasurable to do so, win every time.� That`s what a professional website will do, for you.

Unsafe Agreements with `Free` Website Providers

What agreement?� Since you`ve never really signed up to anything except to agree to free services, and chances are you`ve missed the bit in the small print that says your website company can just shut up shop and close your website for any or no reason, perhaps not even giving you notice, how can you rely on not losing all your data, with all the details you`ve worked so hard on, and customers, all in one go? Just when you least expect to?

`Free` Websites that Peddle Your Details

Unlike a professional website with a reputable website company, where you are a trusted client, and your details are safe and secure, if you`re not paying for your website, as with any other service, then you may find one day, that your site address, your email, even personal details have been made available to other companies. Of course, you`ve signed over any legal rights to your identity to your free website host - that`s the price you pay for getting a cheap site.�

Infiltration by Malware

Do you want your customers to start getting pop ups after visiting your site? Do you want to be selling little blue pills in the background of your site?� One of our clients found his `free` site was peppered with ads he didn`t even know about!� Your SEO will definitely suffer, and as for your website`s operation - filling up with errors and bugs is hardly good for business, is it?

Don`t Be Limited By Your Website!

If you want value, start the right way...come to Worldwide Webdesign and ask about a budget website - we`re offering some superb deals from �30 per month for a professional website, up and running in less than a week in some cases! So that`s less than the price of a coffee per day and you`ll be in business within a month!� We`re here to offer all the advice and help you need, to get your website up and running.� We do all the hard work, you get to enjoy using a website you can trust.�

Come to Worldwide Webdesign for a professional website that helps you get your business off the ground, looks awesome,� gives you more free time to enjoy the fruits of your hard work.��